Voting Resources

AANHPI is here to inform and facilitate the community through the voting process. Below are resources to help you register, learn, and access information in multiple languages.

General Election Timeline

First day to request a one time ballot by mail.

First day for counties to mail ballots to voters.

Voter registration deadline.

Last day to request a ballot by mail or sign up for PEVL.

Recommended deadline to mail back your ballot.

Election day, all ballots must be received by 7PM.

In-language Information

Vote by mail

Search for your voter registration

Search for polling places

What to bring to the polls

Covid-19 Guidelines

AZ-State ballot items

2020 Candidates

Assistance and translation

Voting FAQ

Census Resources

Every 10 years, the federal government is legally required to count every person living in the country, regardless of citizenship status. Below are resources to help you ensure you’re counted.

Census Timeline

Census Bureau mails information and forms.

Census Day

Census workers visit non-responder’s households.

Post enumeration survey to measure error.

Reporting of state population totals to President.

Fill out the census

Covid-19 response

Why the census matters for the AANHPI

Census 101

Language resources and assistance