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The purpose of our climate campaign is to highlight youth taking action and being the leaders to address the climate crisis through our climate justice program.

We understand that our climate crisis disproportionately displaces and impacts BIPOC communities globally, therefore, we can not talk about our climate crisis without talking about racial justice.

This is more than a movement, this is a matter of human existence and preserving culture.


reduce reuse recycle

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Reduce your amount of waste by using reusable materials such as: reusable water bottles, reusable straws, etc.

You can also avoid single use plastics and plastic plates when possible.

Less than 9% of plastic is recycled properly. Keep in mind, even though recycling is a HUGE way to help on an individual level, there is a lot that goes into it on what you can and cannot recycle.

Not all plastics or cardboards are ok to recycle. Be sure to check your local recycling plant in your city to see what items are OK and NOT OK to recycle (recycled items may vary by city/state).

See below for a general recycling cheat sheet!

water sticker

Conserve Water

  • A common house sink faucet if kept running is equal to roughly 1-3 gallons (4-8 liters) per minute depending on water pressure.

According to KSL, The average is roughly 2.2 gallons per minute with full force water flow. (Source: KSLTV)

  • When washing your hands, wet your hands and turn the faucet off while lathering the soap for the duration of your lathering time. Once ready, turn the faucet back on and rinse hands to avoid water waste.
  • When doing dishes turn the faucet off while cleaning dishes and then back on to rinse dishes.


eco transportation sticker


  • Using public transportation when able
  • Bike ride and other physical activities
save energy icon


  • Turning electricity off when it is not in use (this will also help with your electricity bill)
plant based icon


  • Reducing your weekly consumption of meat or trying plant based diets
writing icon

LTE Writing

  • Writing to your local, state, and federal government agencies/politicians to stress the importance of cleaner energy and climate action.
voting sticker


  • Registering to vote and voting for political leaders that will take our climate crisis seriously. 
  • Voting is the biggest way to have our voices heard! Ultimately, at the end of the day, it is vital that we make sure that the fossil fuels industry, the government, and other large corporations contributing to our climate crisis are held responsible as they are the largest contributors to climate change.